Wiking Buch Starterpaket 2

Wiking Buch Starterpaket 2

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This book starter pack offers a good compilation of Viking Age faith, culture, wisdom and art.

  • The Prophecy is an ancient poem from Scandinavia. Called Voluspa in Old Norse, it literally means “the prophecy of the seeress”. It tells the story of the creation of the world and its coming end, related to the audience by a seeress dressing Odin.
  • The Viking’s Guide to Good Business is filled with the wisdom of good business practices. Nearly a thousand years old, these texts contain shrewd insights for anyone who wishes to do business at home or abroad. The text is taken from the King’s Mirror, a compilation of advice and wisdom, written about 1240 in Norway.
  • The Viking Gods contains excerpts from Snorri Surluson’s Edda, which was written around 1220 and is the most important source on the gods of the Vikings. The Edda has been described as “one of the best story-books of the Middle Ages.” 
  • Viking Art is about the different artistic styles and forms that have come down to us from the Viking period.

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