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Whilst researching you sometimes stumble upon unexpected things. This happened when searching for information about Skagul Tosti for the previous post.

It came the form of a HUGE and impressive family tree made by Lisa Norman (1916-1999). It tracked her and her family’s heritage all the way back to Skagul Tosti (Skoglartoste), as well as to a most of the other prominent Vikings of the time. It counted around 48 generations in between her and Skagul Tosti. Now, there’s not really a time-efficient way to control whether it’s accurate or not, but a family tree like this could be possible for certain individuals whose ancestors ended up in very old land registers (Jordebok).

The oldest known Swedish Jordebok is the Vårfruberga monastery’s land register from the 12th Century (!). Considering how the Scandinavian population has multiplied since then, most with Scandinavian heritage could probably find a famous Viking ancestor in their family tree – if their ancestors had ended up in a Jordebok or similar that is…  Anyway, here’s a link for those who are curious. We found it intriguing, even without verifying its accuracy, and without included birth and death dates:  http://www.lennienorman.nu/slakt/Betatrad/index.htm


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